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Is Seth The Egyptian God of the Desert More Powerful Then Ra the Powerful Egyptian God of the Sun?

Seth is the Egyptian God of the desert, infertility, storms, and also chaos, but despite his wicked side, Set was still worshiped and feared. His image changed through time, due to politics, yet he was still a powerful god, the only one who could slay Ra's worst enemy Apep the evil Egyptian God that was the dedication of darkness and chaos.  In some stories they say that Seth was giving the title of Majesty which was only giving to Ra himself, and that makes me wonder was Seth close to being as or is more powerful then Ra?

Even though Horus and Seth were true mortal enemies because of the brutal murder of Osiris there is some parts of the Egyptian Mythology that tells of Horus actually being the reincarnation of Ra.  Both was also of equal Strength, was in a battle that lasted for three days for Upper and Lower Egypt, and the only reason Hours won the battle for upper Egypt is because of the aid of all the other Egyptian Gods.

So could Seth actually be more powerful the Ra?