Thursday, May 10, 2012

Welcome to our Home of Egyptian Mythology


Hello everybody welcome to our blog that consist mostly of our research on Egyptian Mythology for our first indie project, "Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox."  The top image is the summary of Revelations explaining a little of the back ground, game play, and objective of the game, but this blog doesn't go into detail over our game because we already have a page set up on Indie DB (, but this is more of an educational learning experience over the knowledge I gain from my research on the history of the Egyptian gods.  We hope to expand your knowledge with our different categories, and hope to get feed back, opinions, and knowledgeable arguments as well to help expand this blog, and make it become popular. 

I hope you take the time to look around the blog and gain a positive experience from it, and share it with friends on the web.  Thank you for coming to our blog and hope you can see how much we are putting into bringing our project to life with this information we have learned.